Über uns

Ödül Solar Energy has been established in Kayseri Mimarsinan Industrial Zone in 2013. Founding purpose; to produce high-performance solar power products that convert sunlight into electricity for residents, commercial and utility-scale power in domestic market and moreover make a strategic role in international market.

Sun Reliance, have done many projects in the renewable energy industry especially in the USA with having over 15 years experience.

Ödül Solar Enerji and Sun Reliance, has merged their capabilities, experiences and united their forces in Odul Sun Reliance to contribute renewable energy field more.

Odul Sun Reliance guarantees 10 years product durability, 10 years 90% efficiency and 25 years 80% linear efficiency to the panels it produces.

Odul Sun Reliance, with 235 MW yearly capacity, serve to contribute to the solar sector by moving towards a single direction together with our partners and clients with closely following the improvements in the field, offering new solutions to the market with keeping the customer satisfaction top priority without compromising on
the quality. We specialize in distributing our top-of-the-line supplies to businesses all over the world, while also maintaining great options for your personal needs. We invite you to explore our Solar World to find out why we are the best Solar Energy Solutions Supplier in the industry.


ODUL SUN RELIANCE, as a global company that offers innovative solutions to the market, by following all the developments in the solar energy industry with our expert staff.


Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level without sacrificing quality, improving and sustaining our services,

Prioritizing Research and Development (R&G) studies for the development of solar energy systems,

To act on the consciousness of our responsibility to the environment and nature, contributing to a cleaner and livable world for our future generations